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  • Welcome to The Next Generation

  • Your child’s future it built upon the present. As a parent, you can help establish a good foundation for that future now. You can optimize the time your child spends in day care by choosing a center that strives to achieve a balance between guidance and freedom, group and individual activities, and lively and sedentary experiences.

  • We enable children to

    • Become adept at following directions.
    • Expressing themselves
    • Accepting responsibility
    • Developing leadership in preparation for future learning
    • Happy Envoirnment
    • Safe Envoirnment
    • Creative Envoirnment

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    • My 15 month old daughter has been attending TNG for 8 months. We have always felt comfortable with her caregivers and the care she receives. Even better, today as we turned into the parking lot, she got excited and started waving her hands. When we got to her room, she walked right over to play with her friends. She smiled, blew me kisses, and said, “Bye!” As a parent and former day care worker, I find this the highest compliment to TNG. She clearly feels comfortable in their care and it gives me the freedom to go to work without feeling guilty or worry.

      Beth & Chris Rollins
    • My children have been attending The Next Generation for over two years and we are very happy with our choice in childcare. The center is clean and safe with hard working, enthusiastic and caring staff. As you walk through the center you can see the curriculum that is well thought out and very engaging for the children. The center has flexibility and listens to parent’s concerns and will address them to best of their ability.

      Carrie and Eric Korey
    • Before returning to the workforce after staying home for a few years taking care of Sydney, I looked all around and called all around for a place to leave my child. I visited different centers and did my research. Nothing seemed to fit or feel right. In the meantime, my mother watched Sydney. One day when I picked Sydney up from my mother she told me about this place that she saw, just down the street.

      Megan A. Williams
    • “TNG has been such a great school for my kids. My kids have learned so much being enrolled and as a teacher I am well aware of the importance of quality education at an early age. The Next Generation has set the platform for my kids to excel in school. As a mother, you are always weary of who you leave your children with during the day and I have always felt comfortable with the teachers that both of my boys have had.

      Mrs. Kelly Polomsky
    • I am a mother of two children, Mallory and Maximus, who have attended The Next Generation Child Development Center for two years. I get through the day as a working mother with complete peace of mind, and a secure feeling that my most precious possessions are extremely 100% taken care of, and provided with a rigorous educational curriculum that will have them prepared for the twenty-first century.

      Rena McClellan
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