• Class Overview

  • Pre-Kindergarten Program - 4-5 Years

    Welcome to the Pre-K room here at The Next Generation. Our main goal in the Pre-K room is to provide a safe, caring and fun environment in which each child has the opportunity to experience learning through play. We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum and interest areas to facilitate each child’s learning experience.

    Arrival and Departure

    To ensure your child’s safety and well being, we ask that your child remain with you at all times while in the center until you deliver them to their classroom. When leaving for the day, please take a moment to check with their teacher. This ensures that we know they are leaving, and gives us an opportunity to share any information about their day with you. We will only release your child to whomever you authorize and they will need to show proper ID in order to pick up.


  • Notes on Outside

    We go outside twice a day unless the windchill is below 30 degrees. Please be sure to provide TNG with hats, gloves and boots. Please label everything.

    Toys from Home

    Toys from home should not be brought to school. We realize that some of these are very special, and we wouldn’t want them to be misplaced or broken.

  • Specials

    *Show-n-Tell – We share a specific item on Wednesday(Prek II) and Thursday (PreK I).
    *Movie Day – The children watch a movie Friday at 4:15pm (sign ups are posted outside the classroom).
    *Happy Feet – This soccer class is an optional program at an additional charge held on Wednesday morning.
    *Music Class – We have a weekly music class. We sing and dance in our class on Thursday morning using a music class provided by TNG.

  • Nap/Rest Time

    Nap/rest time is from 12-2pm. The children are required to rest on their cots for 45 minutes. If they do not fall asleep after the 45 minutes they will be able to do a quiet activity. To make your child’s cot comfortable you may bring in a small blanket and pillow as well as a crib sheet. Please make sure these items are labeled and are taken home at the end of your child’s week to be washed.

  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack are provided by TNG. Breakfast is served at 8:30 a.m., lunch at 11:30 a.m., and snack around 3:00 p.m. If your child arrives after the scheduled meal time you will need to provide a supplement for them.

    Please dress your child in play clothes. We do lots of hands on learning and do get messy from time to time. We do not deny a child the opportunity to participate in an activity in order to keep them clean. Please keep this in mind when dressing your child for the day. Please provide us with 3 sets of seasonal appropriate clothing. All shoes must be closed toe and closed heel.

    We use Creative Curriculum for PreK here at TNG. It embraces the children’s natural curiosity and encourages them to explore and connect to the world around them as well as incorporating the most current research on child development into a program so that we can celebrate early learners and prepare the children for success in school and life. Creative Curriculum involves everything that happens throughout the day, everything that a child experiences during the day is a learning opportunity. Along with the individual care giving moments, teachers will also plan and organize their environments to provide experiences during the day that are a learning opportunities. Along with the individual care giving moments, teachers will also plan and organize their environments to provide experiences which enhance motor development, cognitive development, language development, and problem solving.

    The PreK white boards are located outside the classroom door (PreK II) or above the cubbies (PreK I). You will find a copy of the weekly lesson plan in the classroom as well as other important information. We also have a folder for each child: inside them you will find notes from the teachers, the child’s work and notes from the center.