The Next Generation Child Development Center Programs

      We assign each child a group based on their age and abilities. In each program they are taught the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, animals and states. Study is developed through pictures and projects that the children do several times per week to make the learning more enjoyable.

    • FUN

      The curriculum mixes fun, free-spirited activities with lessons in reading, mathematics, science, social studies, computers, geography, good manners, physical education, and other basic early childhood educational components. Particular attention is given to the emotional and intellectual development of children through quality supervision and individual attention in a small class setting.

    • PLAY

      Indoor and outdoor play areas keep children active in any season. We will limit the amount of time outside when the temperatures are very warm or very cold. Children will not be taken outside when the temperature (wind chill and heat index factored in) drop below 20 degrees or rise above 100 degrees. Please send your children with the proper clothing so they may be comfortable and safe whenever we are outside. This includes snow pants, hats, mittens and boots in the wintertime and sun block in the summertime.

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