School Age

  • Class Overview

  • School Age

    Welcome to School age!! We look forward to working with you and your child to make this experience an enjoyable one. This classroom focuses on respect and responsibility in the Kid’s Club. The white board located inside the classroom holds the daily plans and any parent information. Please remember that everything you bring in for your child MUST be labeled. This is our only way to assure that your child’s belongings remain with your child. Sunscreen can be provided by you for outdoor play. TNG has a private bus that can transport your child to and from field trips or neighboring city schools, if needed. On school days breakfast is not offered however children may bring their breakfast to the center. For children coming to TNG after school, a snack will be provided. On No School Days, breakfast is served at 8:30, lunch at 11:30, and snack around 3:30. If children arrive later than the schedule breakfast time, you will need to supplement breakfast for your child at home.


  • Curriculum

    We have a special School-Age Curriculum that your child will be involved in. Once all the buses have arrived and the students have had a snack, the children have outdoor play where they will be encouraged to participate in gross motor activities. After outdoor time, the children will participate in group learning activities that focus on our projects, science experiments, math challenges, and social skills. Homework/quiet time will begin around 5:00 p.m. When children have finished with homework they can play in our discovery centers. The classroom is arranged according to educational subjects such as math, science, dramatic play, art, blocks, reading, etc. These discovery centers are geared toward hands on learning and your child is allowed to choose in which center he/she wishes to work.

    Gross Motor

    We are able to play outside our classroom twice a day: once in the late morning on No school Days and once in the afternoon for all children. During the warmer season, we have a large playground outside. During the winter, we play in our classroom. We can climb, flip, run, play with balls, build with blocks, and pretend.


    MOVIE DAY- We watch a movie on Fridays. Sign up to bring in your favorite!
    FIELD TRIPS- Holiday Breaks/Summer Camp. Specific information will be given at that time.


    Shoes-students are not permitted to wear crocs, sandals, or flip-flips on the playground for safety reasons. Gym shoes or enclosed shoes are best.
    Food/Snacks- no candy or gum are permitted to be eaten in the classroom. A healthy choice snack is offered to your child and 100% juice. Special snacks are sometimes given at certain times by the teachers. Internet- your child will have access to the World Wide Web under strict observation.
    Summer Camp- separate permission slip and information is given closer to that time.