• Class Overview

  • In this room we encourage self discovery, independence, exploration, and learning through play. We recognize that each child is an individual and strive to provide an environment that enhances each child’s development.


    There is a breakfast, lunch, and snack provided by TNG. Toddlers are fed according to the TNG schedule: Breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 11:15, and snack around 3:00. If your child arrives later then the scheduled meal time you will need to provide a supplement for them.


    We believe each child develops at their own pace, let us know what stage your child is in when they begin the program. We also ask that you let us know when you begin in the potty training experience so we can work with you and your child.


  • What To Bring

  • Spring/Summer Fall/Winter
    Sun Hat Hat
    Sweater-for-inside (air conditioning) Gloves/Mittens
    SunScreen(Lotion only) Coat/Snowsuit/Boots
  • Notes on Outside

    We go outside twice a day unless the windchill is below 30 degrees. Please be sure to provide TNG with hats, gloves and boots. Please label everything.

  • Toys From Home

    With the exception of nap time, toys from home should not be brought to school. We realize that some of these toys are very special and we wouldn’t want them to be misplaced or broken.

  • Clothing

    Dress your child in play clothes. We paint, play outdoors, and provide many exciting and sometime “messy” activities so please be understanding If your child gets a little messy during day. Shoes are to be closed toe and heel.

  • To ensure your child’s safety and well being, we ask that you deliver your child to one of their teachers: under no circumstances should your child be allowed to find their own way into the classroom. When leaving for the day, please take a moment to check with their teacher. This ensures that we know they are leaving, and gives us an opportunity to share any information about their day with you. We will only release your child to his/her parents or to someone who is specifically authorized to pick up your child. We ask that all new faces bring form of picture ID to ensure your child’s safety.

    We have great Curriculum called Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddler’s, and Two’s. It includes goals and objectives for children’s learning in all areas of development. Goals and objectives show you where you want to go: Curriculum tells you how to get there. The curriculum involves everything that happens throughout the day. Everything that a child experiences is a learning opportunity. Along with the individual care giving moments, teachers will also plan and organize their environments to provide experiences which enhance motor development, cognitive development, language development, and problem solving. In addition to the Curriculum we incorporate sign language.

    Nap/rest time is from 12-2. Each child will have their own cot. They will no longer be placed in a crib. To make your child’s cot comfortable you may bring in a small blanket and pillow as well as a crib sheet. We ask that you not bring in full size blankets and pillows or stuffed animals as they do not store well. Please make sure these items are labeled and are taken home at the end of your child’s week to be washed.

    Outside the classroom there is a white board which indicates daily activities. Please take a moment each day to look at the white board and check for updates. We use daily sheets as a way to communicate from home to school and vice versa. The teacher will fill out this form, it will include what your child ate, when naps were taken, along with diaper changes throughout the day. In addition we ask that you bring in family pictures to incorporate into the decor of the classroom. The children like being able to show off their families.